How do I borrow books?

There are Self-check Machines at PTAR UiTM Sarawak, Samarahan Campus 1 & 2. You will need your campus card in order to borrow, start by scanning the card to activate your account. One at a time, scan the book(s) and they should appear on the screen when they have been successfully scanned. Always print a receipt, as this also logs you out of the borrowing machine.

How many books can I borrow?

The loan eligibility for PTAR UiTM Sarawak users are based on different membership categories. See more...

Can I renew books myself?

Yes, if you don't owe the Library money. You will not be able to renew a book if someone else has reserved it. Use the 'log in to renew loans and view your record' facility on the eQuip page. You can also renew using a Self-check machine for first time of renewal. 

Can I borrow books from other libraries?

As a member of PTAR UiTM Sarawak you can have access to reference and borrowing facilities of various cooperative service among libraries that is listed under Sistem Pembekalan Penerbitan (SPP). See More...

How will the library contact me?

When you first join the university your library record will have your email address as your main contact address. It is your responsibility to check this address regularly for library correspondence such as recall notices, courtesy notices (warning you that a book is due back at the library soon) and overdue notices.

I've forgotten my campus card. Can you let me in?

Swipecard access is in operation at the PTAR UiTM Sarawak, Samarahan Campus 1 & 2. Members of PTAR should carry their campus card when on University premises. We will not admit you to the Library without it.