Assalamualaikum & Greetings!

Grateful to God for the greatness and blessings for giving me the opportunity to give foreword in the PTAR UiTM Sarawak Branch Official Website.

Welcome to PTAR UiTM Sarawak Branch Official Website. Library acts as a catalyst for the main activities in teaching, learning and research. Besides, Library held a big responsibility in creating "Knowledge Culture" especially through reading and accessing of information. Because of that, PTAR UiTM Sarawak Branch always try to make a Library that can gives and provides the best and good quality of services.

Other than that, to make a Library that are relevant and competitive as an Academic Library that known and respected, Library have to know the current needs that always needed and have to fulfill the needs of reference resources for the new academic program as well as developing library collection that updated in various forms.

To conclude, it is a wish for the Library so that the users can have the benefits in using all the services and facilities that provided with best interest. Library also will continue the trust that given in providing reference resources, services and facilities that relevant in the line with the needs of today generation. 

Thank you.

Norhayati Ismail
Deputy Chief Librarian
PTAR UiTM Sarawak Branch
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