Books available for loans are shelved and categorized as Open Shelf in PTAR UiTM Sarawak. They are arranged on the shelves according to the Library of Congress (LC) Classification System ( 

Loan Eligibility

The loan eligibility for PTAR UiTM Sarawak users are based on different membership categories as shown below:

  • One must be a registered member
  • Borrow according to privileges
  • Should not borrow material for another user
  • Not allowed to borrow if user has overdue fine or book
  • Users are responsible to ensure that all borrowed materials have been properly recorded, this can be checked via eQUIP 
  • Fine will be imposed if material is overdue or vandalized
  • Misplaced materials (users will be given 2 weeks to search or replace with same title and edition or latest edition)

Self-check Machine

Self-check Machine system is provided to enable users to check-out the materials without having to queue up at the Customer Service Counter.